History of Adarsh Public School

The Setting-up of Adarsh Public School was a dream come true. Every time, we visited Kapil Park where the school is situated, we had to face a very appalling and unpleasant sight of small little children picking up rags, soiling their hands by digging into the trash bins for some worthwhile stuff. They were the children whose parents, though keen, could not send their children to school because of financial constraints. That was the time when the Temple of Humanity Trust decided to start a school for the less fortunate and under privileged sections of society. Surprisingly in this area, there was no provision of a school neither by the government nor by the private stakeholders Kapil Park is largely inhabited by the slum dwellers and the people below poverty lines

Thus was founded the Adarsh Public School in 2008 with the avowed aim of providing quality education, in English Medium, to the economically weaker sections of society with special emphasis on education of the girl child. The Founding Fathers of this institution are of the firm view that it is through education that we can ameliorate the lot of the deprived sections of society and that education is the sure route to integrating them into the main stream of social, political and economic life the nation.

Largesse Donors

Starting a school was a great challenge for us but we sized up to the challenge with courage and fortitude, with persistence and perseverance. That the school is now a growing concern and gaining popularity, is only due to our donors who opened their purse strings to help equip this institution with top of the line infrastructure.

The school has since taken great strides towards achieving the aims and objectives of the Trust. The School has a campus area of more than an acre and can now boast of a huge infrastructure with commodious and well ventilated classrooms.

The School has an administrative block which also houses a state of the art library and computer centre alongwith the composite laboratory. All the rooms are well furnished and well decorated with colourful charts, craft work, posters and maps. The school is upto class X affiliated to the CBSE. it is proposered to have Classes upto-class X+2. Presently the school has a strength of 940 students. It is a two section school and the maximum strength in each section does not exceed 40. The school has a provision for pre-primary classes right from Pre-Nursery to Kindergarten.

Salient Features of Adarsh Public School

  • Highly qualified, trained and experience staff.
  • Purified water through R.0.
  • Stress on Spoken English .
  • Generator for power supply.
  • Airy and spacious class-room.
  • Motherly touch.
  • Landscaped campus.
  • Nominal charges backed by Scholarships.
  • Open ground for sports and games.
  • Separate Toilets for Girls & Boys.
  • Fully equipped computer lab.
  • Well equipped Library.
  • Teaching through CD'S/DVD'S.
  • Smart Classes.
  • Every year the students are sent on excursions to various places of educational and historical importance.