Van Mahotsava - Forest Day

If a tree is saved even at cost of one's head. Its worth it said the noted activist Amrit Lal Bishnoi. This is the reason why India has many festivals related to trees. One of them is Van Mahotsava or Forest Day. It was Started with the purpose of saving the mother earth. To mark the importance of this day Van- Mahotsava was celebrated in the premises of Adarsh Public School, Chairman Lt. Col. Dr. D.B Sharma, President S. Vajinder Singh, Gen. Sec. Mr. Yashpal Bangia and members of governing council and students planted the saplings in the school campus, Members of the management, Principal Mrs. Amita Bansal addressed the Students and told them about the importance of trees in our lives and asked them to plant more trees to protect our mother earth and keep it clean and green