Mrs. Amita Bansal (Principal)

About Mrs. Amita Bansal

Designation: Principal
Education: Msc (Maths) MA (Psychology)
Experience: 20 Years & Above

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Principal Adarsh Public School

I am proud to lead this school. We pride ourselves on providing a style of education which is creative, challenging and inspiring. The school has a special atmosphere of support and respect which helps to cultivate the abilities and talents of all our young generation. Students and staff create an open, friendly, flexible yet rigorous approach to study which is pioneering and transformative.

We are proud to boast that our faculty and staff daily to foster a caring environment for the children. We enjoy working with young adolescents and fully embrace middle level organizational and learning concepts. besides strong academic instruction, we are committed to ongoing instructional improvements and providing a school climate that respects cultural diversity while building understanding and shared positive social values. In all we do, we strive to remember that our students are our strongest asset and that their best interest must remain our focus. So join us at adarsh and together we shall build a strong foundation for your children's learning so that they will enjoy their learning experiences strive to excel and realize their dreams and aspirations.